Unemployment Fraud in New Hampshire

The FBI has seen a spike in fraudulent unemployment insurance claim complaints related to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. While fraudulent claim schemes are occurring across the country, in New Hampshire, there has also been a surge in fraudulent claims with more than 6,000 of them being filed using stolen identities (through October).

Per the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security, “Unemployment compensation fraud is a crime that carries with it serious, long-term consequences.” The Attorney General is urging all residents to be watchful.

Be vigilant.

  • Employers are encouraged to review each and every notice you receive from New Hampshire unemployment or any other unemployment agency carefully. With multiple mailings/notifications per claimant, you might be inclined not to review each one, but there are fraudulent claims being filed, so be aware.
  • Be on alert for changes to your account such as banking information and mailing address. You will always receive a notice from the department to confirm these changes were authorized.
  • Check your account regularly, even after you have stopped filing.
  • Follow good cybersecurity practices. Take measures to ensure your personal devices are secure so that you do not become a victim of malware or other phishing schemes.

Remember, the state will never:

  • Ask for your credit card information.
  • Contact you asking you to provide your username or password.
  • Contact you by text message.

A quick review of these notices will enable the employer to appeal the action stated on the notice and avoid fraudulent benefits being charged against their account.

To report potential unemployment insurance fraud or scam:

For additional information, please review the US Department of Justice Unemployment Insurance Fraud Consumer Protection Guide.