New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund 1.0 and 2.0 Award Reporting

You received a New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund award, now what?

If you received financial assistance from a GOFERR-managed fund (including the Main Street Relief Fund), a final report is due at the end of the award period. This is to ensure the state can demonstrate that it used the CARES Act funds appropriately. GOFERR will email award recipients who need to report to GOFERR.

First, it is recommended you read the FAQs found here.

Second, review the step-by-step reporting guide found here.

Third, be aware of the timeline as follows:

Reporting Forms Released:  Friday, 02/26/2021
Reporting Portal Opens:  Monday, 03/01/2021
Report Due Date: Thursday, 04/15/2021
Report to Agency: DRA

Fourth, know what information you will need when you submit your report through the GOFERR portal:

  • Application registration number (supplied in e-mail);
  • State Vendor Number (supplied in e-mail);
  • Federal Taxpayer Identification Number and type;
  • Principal NH office address;
  • Primary and alternate contact information;
  • Actual calendar year 2019 total gross receipts (for awards on revenue loss);
  • Actual calendar year 2020 total gross receipts (for awards on revenue loss);
  • All COVID-19 assistance – grants and/or loans – received or expected to be received from all sources, since March 1, 2020 (e.g. day, the initial round of MSRF, GAP Fund, Healthcare, Childcare, Paycheck Protection Program, and Emergency Injury Disaster Loan/advance amounts); and
  • Any documents that you want GOFERR to consider regarding why your projections were different than your actual reported losses or expenses.

For the Main Street award reporting and reporting information for other funds from the CARES Act, please visit the GOFERR website.