Introducing SafeSend Returns

Introducing SafeSend Returns

We are pleased to offer SafeSend Returns as our new, secure, electronic tax return delivery system.

The client-friendly SafeSend interface walks you through a guided process that includes an on-screen review of your return, collection of IRS-compliant e-signatures on e-file authorization forms, and options for making tax payments. In addition, SafeSend Returns automatically sends the signed form(s) back to us.

For your convenience, you will be enrolled in the electronic delivery of tax returns. If you wish to opt-out of SafeSend Returns (and receive a paper copy of your tax return), please contact our office.

There are many benefits to using SafeSend Returns:

  • Environmentally safe: no more ink, postage or paper – good for our planet and future generations to come
  • Fast, safe, and highly secure. Mailing challenges and delays are avoided
  • Easy to use and accessible across all platforms: computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Electronically sign your e-file authorization forms online
  • Timely payment reminders
  • Download a copy of your return anytime

Learn more by watching these SafeSend Client Experience videos:

1040 Client Experience
Entity Client Experience

Still have questions? Read our SafeSend FAQs.

For more information, please visit the Client Center on our website.