Leadership Skills of an Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are often considered the office Jack-of-all-trades. Skilled assistants interact with employees at every level of a company and are an integral part of every business. They do more than tend to functions such as answering phones and greeting clients – many talented admins are considered the backbone of a successful organization. These assistants not only possess the necessary clerical skills required to complete daily tasks; they also possess leadership skills that help bind a company together and maintain its fluidity.

Administrative Assistants Make Significant Contributions to the Team
Administrative assistants have a diverse range of skills and capabilities. You may find that your administrative staff possesses confidence, strong organizational and multi-tasking abilities, time management skills, as well as highly effective verbal and written communication skills. Additionally, admins are a great resource to your company, known for being agile thinkers, having an eye for detail, anticipating the needs of others, possessing problem-solving skills, being a team player, and having an excellent working knowledge of the technical skills necessary for your business.

Administrative assistants make significant contributions to the team in a multitude of ways. For example, admins often:

  • Help with onboarding of new hires
  • Oversee and coordinate building and grounds maintenance and repairs
  • Support the company’s marketing and IT departments
  • Assist with accounts receivables
  • Manage office perks and supplies
  • Effectively communicate to the entire team regarding firm policies, schedule updates, events and more

Administrative Assistants Must Multi-Task Throughout the Day
The Administrative Assistant is often the hub of the office, playing a mission-critical role in many tasks and initiatives. As a result, they must remain agile, shifting gears and wearing many hats throughout the day. They can see the bigger picture, anticipate changes, and adapt as needed. Every day is different – and administrative assistants must remain ready to focus on whatever requirement arises in any given day.

Like the finely-tuned spokes of a hub, an Administrative assistant remains finely tuned by keeping an open mind, learning to accept changes, and appreciating those moments of gratitude and respect shown to him/her.

Here at Leone, McDonnell and Roberts, our admins play an integral role in our firm’s success. We appreciate the talented team of administrative assistants who support our staff, initiatives, and clients.