From College Student to Colleague: Making the Transition from Intern to Employee

Contributed by: Sydney Carlisle, Staff Accountant

Internships offer students a wide range of benefits and opportunities. An internship allows students a chance to learn and develop in their chosen field. It also helps college students build their professional network. Most importantly, the right internship can turn into a job offer before the student graduates.

What to Know When Transitioning into Employment
Like many young professionals, I was nervous about transitioning from a student intern to a full-time employee. Sure, I knew the team and learned the basics about the position during my internship. However, now, as an actual employee, I felt an added layer of uncertainty — I just wasn’t sure how my new routine would differ from my time as an intern. Based on my experience, here are four things that stood out to me most that may help as you transition into employment from your internship:

1) You can strategize for scheduling success
Anything new can feel stressful or overwhelming — and getting used to a new, full-time work schedule is no exception. Plan your days in advance, especially when you first start to ensure you have the time needed to get ready and commute into the office on time. You could also use a planner or online calendar and set reminders about tasks you need to complete each day.

2) You will grow your personal and professional network
Getting to know all of my coworkers has led to many new friends and resources I can discuss professional development with as the need arises. Make an effort to reach out and get to know all of the employees at your new job. You never know who might become a new friend or who might be a great mentor!

3) You know more than you think (yes, really)
It may feel like there is a lot you don’t know, but it is surprising how much you have already learned throughout your college years. Be confident in your work and be confident in what you know! BUT, never be afraid to ask for help!

4) You can enjoy your weekends
This is one of my personal favorites – knowing that I could finally relax on the weekend without worrying about homework! Take time to relax on your days off and do something to decompress at night (exercise, meditation, dinner, meeting friends, etc.).